Representatives of over 20 people’s organisations met here on Saturday and formed a Visakha Praja Sangala Vedika with the objective of enlightening people on the games being played by representatives of various political parties.

The Vedika leaders felt that some people’s representatives, who were keen on jumping the fence and joining other parties in the name of Samaikyandhra, were not showing the same interest in promoting the unity among Telugus. The Vedika representatives appealed to all political parties not to entertain such politicians. They warned the parties that if they roped in such candidates and give them party tickets, the party would lose confidence of people. They demanded that all political parties should end ‘caste’ politics and give the party tickets to honest local persons. They demanded that all those who talk of ‘equitable justice’ to both regions and talk of ‘golden era’ should be rejected and the parties should spell out their stand on the Telangana issue. The delegates warned that if those who change parties before elections were given the tickets, another agitation would be launched from Visakhapatnam.

P. Vishnu Kumar Raju, B.V. Ram, Adari Kishore Kumar, Lagudu Govinda Rao, Prof. Surrapudu, M. Shyam Prasad, N. Shyam Sundar Naidu, Lade Kishore Kumar, J.T. Rama Rao, M. Ramji and K.S.N. Murthy were among those who participated.

  • Vedika says parties should give ticket to honest local persons

  • Demands that all parties spell out their stand on ‘T’

  • Vedika demands that all parties should end ‘caste’ politics and give tickets to honest local persons