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Number of communities in BC list goes up to 94

  • Members of the BC Commission to visit Karanataka to study enumeration process
  • Notification for inclusion of 36 communities in Backward Classes list already issued
  • Objections were also taken into account by conducting open enquiry

    ANANTAPUR: State Backward Classes Commission would soon visit Karnataka to study the enumeration of BCs with the help of household survey and submit a report to the State Government, according to Chairman of the Commission D. Subrahmanyam.

    Talking to newspersons on Tuesday he said the Commission was here to study the living standards of six communities - `gajula balija, pala eekari, sadara, vakkaligara, bondili and isayi vellalar' -- and to examine their demands for inclusion in the BC list. Their economical, social and educational status would also be studied.

    Villages visited

    The Commission visited Duradakunta, Palavayi, Eguva Chennampalli villages in Kalyanadurg and Kambadur mandals to study the social status of gajula balija community there. Accompanied by Commission member M. Laxminarayana and V. Krishnamohan Rao and district officials, the Commission Chairman went door-to-door to study their situation.

    Notification on the plea of 36 communities was already issued by the Commission in May and objections over their inclusion in the list of BCs were also taken by conducting an open enquiry in Hyderabad, Mr. Subrahmanyam stated.

    Patra community was included in the BC (A-41) by the State Government on Monday by issuing a G.O. (No.8 dated August 28, 2006) based on the report filed by the Commission in March after a comprehensive study. With this the number of communities in the BCs' list had gone up to 94, he said.

    The Commission would also visit several villages in Puttaparthi, Somandepalli, Hindupur, Lepakshi, Madakasira, Rolla, Agali, Amarapuram and Gundibanda mandals, where the population of the communities seeking inclusion in the list of BCs is considerable, during the next four days.