HYDERABAD: Government schools would be provided with all necessary basic infrastructure before they reopen for the next academic year, Hyderabad District Collector Navin Mittal assured here on Tuesday.

Mr. Mittal who visited several government schools located in Bahadurpura said steps would be taken up to improve quality of learning at these schools and they would equipped with teachers, laboratories, reading room, furniture, toilets, electricity and drinking water.

New schools

No school would be closed in the district and new ones would be opened wherever needed, he said.

While schools at Hussaini Alam, Qazipur and Shakkargunj did not have requisite strength, a school with 70 students and four teachers running in a private building by paying a monthly rental of Rs.13,000.

Tackling problems

To address such problems, plans would be drawn to merge some schools and shift some to nearest ones.

The District Collector who also visited a hostel for minority students at Dabeerpura agreed to a request for two computers.