Baba Atomic Research Centre (BARC) has sanctioned Rs.25 lakh to the Botany Department of Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, to facilitate research on a genetic engineering project.

At an informal function held in this connection attended among others by SVU’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. W. Rajendra and other senior officials and academics of the university, Chief Scientist, BARC, Dr. S.B. Ghosh said the grant is in recognition of the university’s impressive standards and added that the BARC is keen on inking an MoU with the university for some more future projects too.

Prof. Rajendra said that the grant is by far the highest to be received by the Botany Department and gave a call to all heads of the departments to put in efforts to tap funds on the same lines from leading funding institutions and scientific laboratories like the UGC, CSIR and so on to promote research activities.

He complemented Botany head of the department, Dr. T. Vijaya, for her efforts in securing the project and the funds from the BARC. She would be the Project Investigator with Prof. S.D.S. Murthy will be the co-investigator.

Dean of Media Affairs, Petasri, also was present at the function.