The Nellore District Police, animal rights activists and the Animal Welfare Board unanimously passed a resolution to take all possible steps to make Nellore zero animal sacrifice district by strictly implementing the ban on animal slaughter at all temple fairs.

At a meeting here on Monday, they decided to replicate the model followed during the Poleramma Jatara (temple fair) at Venkatagiri during which nearly 60,000 cattle and goats were reportedly saved from open slaughter. The move also helped in preventing harmful environmental effects that would have ensued because of such large-scale sacrifices on a single day.

Plan of action

Outlining the plan for making the district sacrifice-free, Superintendent of police B.V. Ramana Kumar, animal rights activists and Animal Welfare Board member Uma Devi said that the Vegetarian Committee formed with the policemen and women would be further strengthened and their services would be taken to enforce ban at other jataras also.

Immediate steps would be taken to prevent animal slaughter hundred per cent at the Chengalamma jatara and some other temple fairs also. Mr. Ramana Kumar said that the Karnataka DGP was very much impressed with the effective prevention of slaughter in Venkatagiri jatara and the same is going to be replicated to make one of the biggest jataras in that State, free of animal sacrifice.

Ground work

Making power-point presentations on the success story of Venkatagiri jatara initiative, Mr. Ramana Kumar said that a lot of ground work at the grass-root level has to be taken up to persuade and convince the common public about the need to implement the laws relating to the animal rights.


He said that the police and animal rights activists have to take out anti-slaughter walks and rallies and also ensure prevention of liquor consumption during temple fairs.

  • Model followed during the Poleramma Jatara (temple fair) at Venkatagiri to be replicated

  • Nearly 60,000 cattle and goats were reportedly saved from slaughter during the Jatara