The Business Advisory Committee of the Legislative Assembly will decide the dates for discussion on the bifurcation Bill as and when it is referred to the House for its opinion in the midst of winter session commencing on December 12.

Normally, the BAC meets either a day ahead of the session or on the first day of the sitting to finalise the business.

If the President refers the Bill to the Assembly before December 12, the agenda would be decided without any problem.

The time line set by the Home Ministry is four days for the draft Bill to be sent to the President and then to the AP Assembly for seeking its opinion.

Once the Governor refers the draft Bill to the Assembly when the session is on, an announcement would be made by the presiding officer in the House.

Once that is done, the Speaker would convene the BAC meeting to fix the dates for discussing the Bill.

There is no clarity on how many days the President might give for the debate on Reorganisation Bill in the Assembly.

As and when the Bill referred to the House for its opinion