Ayurveda food for a sound body, mind

S. Harpal Singh
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Rambabu preparing millet payasam (kheer) at Adilabad's Kala Ashram.-PHOTO: S. HARPAL SINGH
Rambabu preparing millet payasam (kheer) at Adilabad's Kala Ashram.-PHOTO: S. HARPAL SINGH

“The way to heart, or for that matter any other organ in human body, is through the stomach,”philosophises Rambabu, the engineer turned ‘Ayurvedic’ chef from Hyderabad’s famous Aahaar Kuteer restaurant specialising in millet food located at Begumpet. His theory on the role of food in keeping the mind and body healthy, which is fast gaining acceptance even among professional doctors in the State capital, could well be the answer to questions dogging the medical world in terms of disease control.

The culinary connoisseur is on a visit to Adilabad’s Kala Ashram and spoke to The Hindu on various aspects associated with healthy food as envisioned in Ayurveda. “The basic principal is to keep balanced the three doshas mentioned in Ayurveda, the vatha, pittha and kafa, to keep the mind and body in perfect health.” says Rambabu as he gives and introduction to the tradition based theory.

His understanding of the relation between food and diseases as per the Ayurveda helped him in developing recipes of tasty and healthy, holistic as he likes to call, food items. “My talk on this subject recently at a cardiologists conference so impressed the doctors that they have decided to incorporate such food in the prescriptions they write,” discloses the passionate chef who even grows 40 species of herbs at his place.

“While easy to digest herbs and millets like barnyard, proso, kodo, little, sorghum, pearl, finger and foxtail, we at Aahaar Kuteer avoid common salt, sugar and white rice. Instead, jaggery or stevia leaves are used to sweeten the dishes and rock salt is used in place of the common salt,” he adds.

The Ayurvedic food recipes which Rambabu has developed are a result of research for the last 17 years. He has also researched on cooking methods which helps retain maximum amount of nutrients in the food.

“My grandmother at Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu was a specialist in her own right on traditional medicine. I used to participate while she prepared medicines for locals,” says Rambabu .

Engineer-turned ayurvedic-chef Rambabu specialises in ayurvedic food recipes for a healthy life



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