Villagers of Achayyapeta under Sundarayypeta Panchayat, eight km from Anakapalle, are in the process of educating their children about the hazards of playing with used syringes, needles, etc. they picked up from the garbage dumped by Anakapalle municipality very near the village.

The villagers are being helped in the task by two volunteers from Aid India, which works with rural poor on environmental issues, who reached the village after reading reports of children playing with hospital waste.

Theatre artiste Akram Feroze who is famous for his cycle yatra-Cycle Natak, and Krishna Yashwanth on Saturday went to the place where the garbage was dumped and documented different types of hospital waste.


From there they went to the MPP primary school, located 350 meters from the dumping place and interacted with children. The duo explained to the children the danger of playing with hospital waste and also formed vigilant groups among children who would keep a watch on other children and caution them about going near the garbage dump and also inform the elders if children insisted on going there.

Mr. Yashwanth said the medical waste was being dumped without being segregated at source, which was against Supreme Court guidelines.

He advised the municipality’s Health Inspector to provide personal protective equipment like gloves and boots to the ground staff while they handled the wastes.

The volunteer said he would bring to the notice of Chief Justice his observations.