Only four out of 100 people visit a dentist with any semblance of regularity. While the prescribed ideal ratio is one dentist for a population of 7,500, the current ratio is one for 10,000 persons in urban areas and one for 2.5 lakh population in rural areas.

Pain was not a symptom in 70 per cent of dental-related ill-health cases and only 30 per cent of patients come with complaints of severe pain, said Partha Dental CMD, Partha Sarathi, at a press conference here on Saturday to announce the opening of their 20th clinic and the 10th in the city of Hyderabad at Madeenaguda here on Sunday.

Across the Partha Dental chain of clinics, at least 10 dental camps were conducted every month and the objective was to touch at least 50,000 people a month, as part of their awareness programmes, he said.

Dental diseases were rarely life-threatening, they could cause a host of complications, he said, adding that 45 out of 100 cases of death due to cancer were because the patients had oral cancer, he added.

Pain not a symptom in 70 p.c. of dental-related health problems

Dental diseases can lead to a host of complications

‘Patients had oral cancers in 45 out of 100 cancer deaths’