Staff Reporter

ANANTAPUR: Principal Secretary of Rural Development K. Raju has asked the officials to create awareness among the farm labourers and the poor to avail the wage work under the NREGS as a right. The scheme is the best thing to have happened to the rural poor in the recent decades.

Speaking at a meeting organised by AP Vyavasaya Vruttidarulu Sangham and NREGS Hakkula Sangham here on Tuesday he stated that the scheme had made it possible to the wage workers to protect their rights of getting work on demand by being united. The government was also playing a proactive role in protecting their right to work. He suggested the officials not to get agitated with the unity evolving among the wage seekers as the ultimate goal of the NREGS was to unite the wage workers to protect their right to work themselves. The scheme should be seen as a big success if the unity among the wage seekers was achieved, he noted. “We (officials) all must educate the wage seekers about their responsibilities after they start treating the work as their right,” Mr. Raju told the officials. The poor would get rights with awareness on the scheme only if they stand united in demanding work and protecting it as their right.