The Auto Driver Unions Joint Action Committee on Wednesday requested the Transport Commissioner Sanjay Kumar to extend the deadline for recalibrating the auto fare metres by three months.

In its order issued two months ago, the State government revised auto fares and set a deadline of November 22 for recalibrating the digital fare meters in all auto rickshaws with minimum price as Rs.16. For each subsequent kilometre travelled, the fare is increased by Rs.9.

There are about 85,000 auto rickshaws in the city, of these majority of the vehicles are yet to recalibrate the fare metres with revised fares.

Auto Driver Unions Joint Action Committee in a statement here held Legal Metrology Department responsible for the delay in recalibration of fare metres.

There were not many fare metre spares available in the market and the department was operating only two recalibration centres and this was causing the delay in recalibration, JAC leaders charged.

They demanded the authorities to operate more centres, besides extending the deadline by another three months.