Memory is generally defined as the power of the mind to remember things.

At a time when most people find it difficult to remember a few things, C.S. Vepa, founder of Jwala Learning Dynamics, tried his hand at creating a new Guinness record for memorising the longest sequence of objects within one minute here on Sunday.

The existing Guinness record stands at memorising 22 objects in one minute and Mr. Vepa attempted at memorising 30 objects. But given the challenge, he eventually could not succeed.

‘Another attempt’

“I accept my defeat. But I will definitely make another attempt shortly and this time I will make sure I succeed,” said Mr. Vepa. As per rules, 30 objects like toys, bats, balls etc. bearing serial numbers were placed on a table. Mr. Vepa was given one minute to memorise.

After being blindfolded, he had to memorise the sequence of objects and recall it within 15 minutes.

Though, Mr. Vepa memorised the sequence, he could not recall it.