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Both hail from Nalgonda; CID to take over investigation

HYDERABAD: Investigators on Friday identified two persons who were in the mob that attacked the Telugu Desam Legislature Party deputy leader, Nagam Janardhan Reddy, at Arts College, as Nagaraju and Srikanth.

Both of them hail from Nalgonda district. Nagaraju is charged with involvement in several criminal cases under Aravapalli police station area of Nalgonda. The police said the role of Nagaraju and Srikanth was confirmed in the incident. Srikanth spoke to a couple of TV news channels over phone admitting to his role in the attack since he felt that the TDP was not actively supporting the cause of Telangana.

The OU police have recorded statements of four persons, including HMTV reporter Aruna and security guards who accompanied the TD delegation to Arts College. Ms. Aruna stumbled upon the 9 mm pistol containing 10 live rounds, which was lost by Mr. Reddy’s gunman during the attack.

Investigators tried to narrow down on the accused involved in the assault based on the descriptive particulars of the suspects given by the four persons and after examining visuals of the attacks telecast by different news channels. They tried to reconstruct the sequence of events that led to the attack on Mr. Reddy.

Sequence of events

Police are yet to confirm if the attack was planned or a consequence of a spontaneous outburst of the mob. “After speaking to some persons present at Arts College, we learnt that the TD delegation was not attacked immediately after they drove in a vehicle,” an investigator told reporters.

Though the jostling and slogan-shouting was reported at that time, the TD MLAs and leaders were attacked only when they went to the students who were on hunger strike and started discussing with them about the agitation. Five four-wheelers were damaged in the incident. Investigation into the case is being taken over by the Crime Investigation Department. A team of CID officials led by IGP, V. Punna Rao, came to the campus and elicited details about the attack from the local police.