Police are puzzled by the behavioural pattern of the man who attacked a woman in an ATM centre in Bangalore and killed a woman in Dharmavaram earlier.

Police, relying on video footage from ATMs in Dharmavaram, say that the assailant was uneducated as he was found seeking the help of another person to withdraw money from the ATM despite the fact the PIN number was written on the pouch.

From the nature of injuries he inflicted on the women in Dharmavaram and Bangalore, police say he could be a psychopath.

The murderer did not touch the jewellery on the woman’s person, but had only looked for visible cash and ATM cards.

The assailant also seemed to be fluent in both Kannada and Telugu languages with a possibly pronounced Telugu slant indicating that he might belong to the State and that there were possibilities of him lurking around the border areas of Andhra and Karnataka in the district.

Extensive searches

In the absence of past crime record, police are finding it difficult to zero in on the assailant. Around 100 police personnel from Bangalore are camping in Anantapur and conducting extensive searches for the asaailant.