The Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) will focus on the issue of demand for statehood to the region and no-confidence motion against the government during the ensuing session of the Assembly starting from March 13.

“Telangana is our first agenda at any given time and opportunity. We are definitely going to raise the issue in different forms during the assembly sessions as it is for Telangana our party was born,” a senior leader of the party told The Hindu . The ways and means of raising the issue in and outside the Assembly would be discussed and finalised at the party’s legislature party meeting on March 11, he said.

Along with the strategy for Telangana issue, the party meeting would also discuss the issue of no-confidence motion against the government as the present situation in the ruling party presents an opportunity to the opposition parties to take a shot at it, the TRS sources said.

As the party does not have the required numbers to move a no-trust motion, it will surely support any such move by other parties to tame the Congress since it views the Congress leadership as major hurdle for Telangana now. Another issue that is likely to figure prominently in the TRSLP meeting is the election to Council seats from MLAs’ quota.

The party leadership was leaving no stone unturned to muster the required support to party nominee Md. Mahmood Ali.

“We already have the support of 21 MLAs including 17 elected on the party tickets. Our leadership is talking to all friendly parties seeking necessary support”, the TRS leader said.

Asked whether the party would take up other issues such as power problem during the session, the TRS leader said they would raise all issues concerning the people of Telangana.