A majority of them are well established commercial artists, but some of them are amateur artists. A dozen of them, a bakers dozen to be precise, took the time and trouble to get degrees from an institute affiliated to the Karnataka State Open University (KSOU).

Arepalli Appa Rao, who is a retired drawing teacher and winner of the State Best Teacher award, became a student himself and attended theory and practical classes, went on field trips and to find subjects to sketch and paint.

Giridhar Arasavalli is an established graphic designer, Durga Prasad and Chandrasekhar are also established commercial artists with considerable recognition in the city. A Sunil Kumar is a medical representative by profession, but he had been an artist at heart from when he was a child. While he is not marketing drugs he is the director of Artmate, the school of artists.

Back to school

As students of Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA), Mysore, it was back to school again for them.

“We attended theory classes in art history and principals of art. Every Sunday there was a practical in which we practised drawing, sketching, painting with different mediums like water colour paints on paper, oil on paper or canvas and acrylic. The M.S.Murthi Lalithakala Art Gallery in Muthyalampadu became their ‘adda’.

Big blow

On Tuesday the batch of artists who completed their Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) degree from SALA exhibited their art at the Gallery. Dr N.T.R. University of Health Sciences vice-chancellor I.V.Rao inaugurated the exhibition. International Centre for Intergrated Mountain Development Geospacial Solutions theme leader M.S.R.Murthy, son of late M.S.Murthi, felicitated Mr Appa Rao, on the occasion. Mr Murthy recalled the different artists’ camps that were held at the gallery when his father was alive. Mr. Sunil Kumar says the division of the State would be a big blow to those who want to pursue fine art as a career. All the good institutions are currently in Hyderabad. Public awareness and therefore patronage of art is not up to the mark in Seemandhra currently.

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