M.L.Melly Maitreyi

HYDERABAD: In a move that could raise the hackles of environmentalists, the Government has decided to allow construction activity in 84 villages under Himayatsagar and Osmansagar catchment areas and also to do away with certain zoning regulations in the Hyderabad Airport Development Authority (HADA) draft master plan.

According to reliable sources, the decisions were taken after serious deliberations over the representations the Government has been getting over the years. A view has emerged that ‘arbitrary HADA zoning regulations’ were coming in the way of equitable growth of areas and creating an imbalance between farmers in the surrounding areas of the capital region.

The 84 villages notified as bio-conservation zone under GO 111, however, will not allow rampant construction activity, the sources added. Only small farm sheds in a minimum area of one acre with built-up area not exceeding 10 per cent of the plot would be allowed in G+1 pattern with a maximum height of six metres. They would have to strictly comply with the anti-pollution norms.As per the HADA draft master plan, 45 per cent of 459 sq. km of HADA area is out of bounds for any construction activity in accordance with GO 111.The Government wants to do away with the existing categorisation of land use - low rise development zone, medium rise and high rise under the HADA. Though the above zones were broadly demarcated, those opposing zoning regulations charge that there are several imperfections. In place of different building rules for different zones, Government is for rectifying the situation by allowing plan approvals and constructions on the basis of GO.No.86 building regulations, road width and subject to Airport Authority permission.