New facility could have augmented bed strength, which is now appallingly low

Nearly 500 mothers visit hospital daily, but hospital bed strength is only 160

Three-floor building has come up, but work is incomplete due to lack of funds

HYDERABAD: A promising project, which could have brought relief to scores of pregnant women at Koti Maternity Hospital, has now become a liability for patients and the hospital.

The sorry state of affairs in this century-old maternity hospital has clearly failed to ‘fire up’ authorities into action.

As a result, expectant mothers and sick infants suffer the most.

Groups of women squatting in the open compound on the premises feeding infants and waiting for their appointment is a common sight. They don’t have a roof to take shelter because the old building was demolished to make way for a new one. The new building, however, is not complete because the government is yet to clear the budget to complete the construction.

Debris everywhere

The debris from the construction site occupies a lot of space, leaving little for mothers. The three-floor building has come up, but internal electrical wiring, drainage system, furnishing and purchasing of high-powered transformers are pending. “The funds to complete the project are yet to be released by the government,” says Hospital Superintendent Dr. P. Padmaja.

The government is yet to release nearly Rs. 1.5 crore, which is required to complete the project. The hi-tech hospital building planned at a cost of Rs. 5.5 crore was to have a neo-natal intensive care unit, 24-hour diagnostic facilities and an exclusive ICU for mothers.

The new facility would have augmented the bed strength, which is appallingly low in the hospital.

Nearly 500 mothers visit the hospital on a daily basis but the hospital bed strength is only 160.

“There is a space constraint because of the half-completed building. Somehow we are managing the show,” Dr. Padmaja admits.

Every year, on an average, the hospital takes up 16,000 pregnancies and the new building, if completed, could be a boon for the poor.