Apart from having more competent judges, there are other solutions to the persisting problem of judicial arrears. All those submitting fake or forged or custom-made documents to mislead the judiciary should be admonished and strictures should be passed. Of late, strictures are not being passed, and the judiciary is not showing any activism, much to the dismay of the aggrieved parties. The Law commission of India should bring in drastic reforms in the very functioning of the judicial system, lest the country would be frittering away its resources and this would lead to aggrieved parties becoming more aggrieved if they approach the courts. The powers that be should bring about expeditious reforms in the bureaucracy and judiciary to see that the judicial arrears are a thing of the past at least in a couple of years.

Gopal Tallamraju


Pension for PSUs

The Central Government as a matter of social security is providing pension benefit to various sections of society like agricultural labourers, market workers and workers of unorganised sector. It is deplorable that it does not extend the same benefit to its own employees working in public sector units like steel plants. I appeal to the Government to extend pension benefit to them.

M. Jagannadha Rao


Inhuman incident

The recent incident that took place in Upparapalli village of Mahaboobnagar district in which a parent was brutally assaulted by two teachers of upper primary school is inhuman and barbaric. It is not understandable why the two teachers resorted to violent teaching. They are supposed to punish the children and not the parents. Teaching profession is a noble one and they are makers of tomorrow’s citizens. Government should punish the guilty to prevent recurrence of such incidents.

Dadala Subba Rao


Save the trees

Of late, Visakhapatnam seems to provide an easy method of advertisement for computer centres and tutorials which nail a small metal advertisement board on roadside trees to offer their services. Already, greenery is lacking in the city. The GVMC and Forest department should protect the trees and take action on those indulging in driving nails into trees.

Gourab Mohanti