Special Correspondent

VIJAYAWADA: The legal sanctity of the six-point formula and the zonal system for jobs is not clear and these are likely to be struck down if questioned in a court of law, mainly because they are unique to Andhra Pradesh and are not being implemented any where else in the country, Vijayawada MP Lagadapati Rajagopal has said.

Mr. Rajagopal released the last of the five letters-cum-reports submitted to the Srikrishna Committee, here on Thursday.

He expressed confidence that the Srikrishna Committee would put a lid on the issue of bifurcation of the State that has been simmering for decades.

The representations being submitted to the committee and the statements being made by the committee members all indicate that a report favouring a united Andhra Pradesh was imminent.

He asserted in his 17-page letter that there had been no violation in the enforcement of safeguards aimed at protecting the interests of Telangana.

He also submitted to the Srikrishna Committee a review report on the Gentlemen's Agreement published by the Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee in April 1969 with the title “United We Stand”.

“In those days there was no major party, except the Congress, and its views could be taken as representing the political class of the entire State,” he said, quoting from the letter.

Mr. Rajagopal said that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had “single-handedly saved the Telugu people from disintegrating.


She understood the legacy of the Telugu glory, though her ulterior motive was to preserve national integrity.”

The NTR government issued GO 610 in 1985 mainly resolve the problem of posting employees working in Nagarjuna Sagar Project to Jurala, Srisailam Left Canal Sriramsagar Project Stage-II and Pochampadu Project in the Telangana region.

The NSP was completed and the experienced staff was totally idle, as there was no project contemplated in the Andhra region to where they could be posted.

Since several projects were under execution in the Telangana region, the Irrigation Department was under a dilemma — whether to transfer the idle work force or go for fresh recruitment.

A decision was taken to transfer the experienced officials to Telangana only to surmount the problem of handling inexperienced employees, Mr. Rajagopal explained.

Statistics pertaining to the development of the State were submitted to the committee in an annexure.