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It promises to add zing to the IPL extravaganza

Chefs to dish out a variety of kebabs, grills and barbeques

VISAKHAPATNAM: Here's a chance to catch all the action of IPL in a scenic setting by the beachside relishing mouth-watering delicacies at the same time. The International Barbecue League food festival being held at the breezy shack of the Bamboo Bay restaurant of The Park hotel promises to add that missing zing and zest to the ongoing IPL mania that has gripped the city.

The menu

The team of chefs from The Park-Vizag have rustled up an innovative selection of kebabs, grills and barbeques encompassing flavours of Frontier India, Asia and the West. The kebabs can be sampled as starters or one can make a complete meal of them with a hearty Dal and Indian breads or Pullao. For the Indian palate, the ‘Khumb aur Kaju Ki Gilawati', the ‘Subz Gilafi', ‘Subz Shikampuri'and the ‘Jaituni Kadak Paneer Sheek' are must tries; while the international gourmet can try the ‘Felafel Kofte', the ‘Mexican Tamale Dogs' and the ‘Vegan Seesh Kebab'. The non-vegetarians can feast their senses on a variety of kebabs from the North West Frontier cuisine, Hyderabad, Lucknow and Lahore. Also lined up are Malaysian Satay, Greek Souvlaki, Japanese Yakitori, Italian Spiedinos, Chilian Antichuchos and South African Sosatie Brai. In the Indian section, the ‘Angarey Bataer' (whole quail marinated with yoghurt red chillies and cumin, smoked in tandoor), the ‘Red Hot Burrah Kebab' and the Jamaican Jolt Murgh Tikka promise to be the bestsellers.

The menu also includes the ‘Zafrani Tandoori Jhinga', the ‘Shahtoosh Murgh Kebab', melt-in-the-mouth ‘Gilawati Kebab, Mahi Jaituni' and ‘Patthar Gosht' (boneless mutton cooked on heated granite stone). To attract and encourage groups of people who would like to spend the evenings cheering their favourite IPL team over drinks, starters and dinner, the hotel has installed four flat screen LCD TVs with a dedicated V SAT dish antenna in the restaurant. The company of friends, ice-chilled drinks, the fresh sea breeze and the unique thrill of cheering your favourite team, this IPL is sure going to be different with IBL. For restaurant reservations contact 9885083502.

The festival is on from March 20 onwards.