The fourth Annamacharya Sankeertana Yagnam organised by the popular Chaitanya Brothers –Varanasi Venkateswara Sarma and Bukkapatnam Krishnamacharyulu-at Sri Shirdi Saibaba Spiritual Centre in Seethammadhara recently saw the duo render as many as 250 kritis of Annamacharya during the eight-day programme. Competitions were conducted for singers in different age groups on the occasion and prizes given away. The Chaitanya Brothers, true to their name, seem to have brought awareness among many on Annamayya kritis with the top floor of the Centre packed with audience, young and old, who were seen singing along with the duo to melodious music.

Need of the hour

When gold prices turned southwards, people tried to make the best use of it by going in for buying. Before the Union budget was presented, it was the turn of white goods and automobiles. Without any budgetary qualms, the Andhra Pradesh Government had hiked life tax on motor vehicles and VAT.

With the talk that some of the stimulus measures would be done away with in the budget proposals doing the rounds, there was a rush for white goods and automobiles. The fears proved right with the excise duty going up. But there are commodities the price of which have gone up but can’t be bought in advance: petrol and diesel. If you consume more, you have to shell down more. And governments seem to be determined to pass on the burden (of the oil bill) to consumers as it is imported. Conservation is the need of the hour- for more important reasons though price is one of them.

Ivory towers

At a time when everyone is talking of taking the fruits of research to the common man, there are still some scientists who do not wish to come out of their ivory towers. This became evident at an exhibition organised by NSTL in connection with the recent National Science Day!

A photographer walked up to a scientist who was stationed at the Wind Tunnel and requested him to explain. The scientist sought his details and when the photographer told him that he was a guest, he asked him to produce the invitation sent by the NSTL PRO. He even refused to explain.

Scientists should take pride in explaining their work to the public, more so, at exhibitions. The expo was meant to develop a quest for science among students and to create awareness among the public.

The aggressive behaviour of some of the NSTL staff towards students was atrocious. They looked upon them as though they were trying to trespass into NSTL, forgetting that they were ‘invitees’. The authorities should give them a lesson in good manners.

(Prabhakkar Sharma, G. V. Prasada Sarma and B. Madhu Gopal)