J.S. Ifthekhar

Overflowing drainage, dust pollution, leaking water tanks cause inconvenience to patients

A heritage structure, the hospital building is showing signs of wear and tear

There was a minor fire mishap sometime ago as some old beds caught fire

Hyderabad: A load off the mind. That’s what one feels after entering a hospital premises. But this feeling of being-in-safe-hands is shattered when one steps into the Government Nizamia General Hospital at Charminar.

The hospital has a cure for everyone but not for its own ailments. A case of doctor treat thyself. Yes, the hospital hygiene leaves much to be desired. It’s a miracle that patients are getting cured here in spite of the pathetic sanitary conditions.

A meandering stream of sewage greets one right at the entrance. Patients and their attendants have to carefully pick their way.


Manholes overflow here round the year. The drainage system was laid in 1938 when the hospital was built and it is still functioning with minor repairs. Only patchwork is done every time the lines burst but no effort is made to find a lasting solution.

The hospital is also plagued with problem of dust pollution as it is bang on the road. Patients are put to lot of inconvenience on account of the automobile emissions and noise pollution. Parking of tourist vehicles within its premises is only added to the problem, it is said.

A heritage structure, the hospital building is showing signs of wear and tear.

With practically no maintenance, the impressive edifice is aging fast.

Doctors and staff are perturbed by the roof which leaks not just in monsoon but round the year. Some of the 25 odd syntax tanks placed on the roof have developed cracks and leak continuously as a result the hospital walls are getting damaged.

“A big water tank will solve the problem but the authorities are not bothered”, says Mohd. Saleem, a doctor and member of Nizamia Hospital Development Society.

Maintenance cost

The aging building is also plagued by poor electricity fittings. Early this month there was a minor fire mishap as some beds dumped behind the pathology lab caught fire. There was not much damage but the danger of short-circuit taking place with the unconcealed wiring coming in contact with wet walls remains.

An amount of Rs. 5 crore is required for maintenance of the building.

Unfortunately the Hyderabad district Collector, who is the chairman of Hospital Development Society, has not convened a meeting during the last one year. Health Minister D. Nagender, who visited the hospital the other day, was shocked at the deterioration and promptly announced Rs. 3 crore for renovation of the heritage structure. But when the funds will be released remains a question.