Staff Reporter

Hyderabad: Catering to the growing needs of business establishments in the twin cities, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) on Wednesday launched the Fibre to the Home (FTTH) services in Hyderabad telecom district (HTD).

With launching the service, BNSL would take bulk orders from companies to install customer premises equipment, a device which had ports to accommodate a telephone line, IPTV and broadband line.

FTTH works with the help of a ring based optical fibre network that ensures flawless high speed connectivity. “The service relies on a self-healing network, meaning which, even if the optical fibre is damaged, information will be re-routed through another line,” said Rajeev Agarwal, Principal General Manager, HTD, BSNL.

Apart from internet access and IPTV, FTTH also facilitates interactive gaming, LAN, VOIP service and video conferencing. The whole set-up of FTTH relies on a Gigabyte Passive Optical Technology (GPON) which supports download speeds up to 2.5gbps and upload speed up to 1.25gbps.

Apart from business, the service would also be useful for apartments. “Instead of installing copper lines for new apartments, we can install FTTH where ever it is feasible. If there is a demand for FTTH in the existing buildings, we will definitely replace the existing copper wire network with FTTH,” Mr. Agarwal said.