Staff Reporter

ADILABAD: Confusion prevailed in the market in Adilabad town on Tuesday over the call for bandh given by the students of Government Degree College protesting the death of one of their classmates who had committed suicide on Monday for Telangana. The students had actually given a call for bandh of educational institutions in Adilabad constituency but modified it into a town bandh call late on Monday.

As the message could not reach the shop owners they opened the market as usual only to find some students asking them to close some time later. The police had to come to their rescue at a couple of places where the agitators looked ready to cause some damage. The students later marched to the dharna site of Telangana Joint Action Committee and demanded the leaders there to give a call for bandh on Wednesday. However, the JAC did not accede to the demand on the plea that the JAC at Hyderabad had not accorded permission for it.

Telangana Jagruti president K. Kavita had condoled the death of K. Satish Kumar at Barampur village in Talamadugu mandal.