Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Swift action coupled with concerted efforts helped the city police on Monday rescue a 4-year-old boy within 14 hours of his kidnap for ransom from the old city. Among the arrested was the prime accused, Rasheed, boy’s close relative, Nurullah.

An autorickshaw driver, Rasheed, knew that the boy’s father, Mohd. Hameed Khan, would receive an amount of Rs. 15 lakh in a day or two in connection with sale of a plot. He conspired with a carpenter Mohd. Fayeem and Rajesh Varma, a security guard, to abduct the boy and extort ransom, Police Commissioner A.K. Khan said at a press conference.

The boy started from his house in Qajipura of Shahalibanda and was walking towards the Crown International School around 8.30 a.m. when Fayeem and Varma came on a bike. They intercepted the boy, made him sit on the motorcycle and sped away. A municipal worker alerted the boy’s parents.

Even as police teams fanned out on to the roads looking out for the suspects, the abductors rang up the boy’s father demanding Rs. 10 lakh ransom. As the phone calls were traced to public telephone booths in Kishanbagh of Bahadurpura and Rajendranagar, the Commissioner’s Task Force and local police teams analysed the possible routes the abductors would take.

While the boy’s father continued to speak with the abductors assuring not to pay the ransom, police teams raided all possible hide-outs before nabbing the accused at Shamshabad.