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BODY ART: Varun Mukherjee, a city-based tattoo artist, shows off his tattoos.
BODY ART: Varun Mukherjee, a city-based tattoo artist, shows off his tattoos.

Abhijit Dev Kumar

City youngsters throng parlours to get themselves inked!

Some youngsters spend around Rs. 2,500 or more to get a tattoo

People ready to experiment with different designs, say tattoo artists

Hyderabad: What’s on your mind is on your body. The saying definitely holds true for tattoos.

The bohemian form of expression might have parents sneering at the sight of a permanent tattoo on their children. But the craze in Hyderabad is evident in the way youngsters are thronging parlours to get themselves inked.

From Celtic designs, tribal art, oriental fonts, animals and even portraits, tattoo artists in the twin cities have their hands full with people of all ages getting tattoos, despite it being a painful experience. And they don’t mind shelling as much as Rs. 2,500 or more to get it done. “The craze has picked up thanks to film stars and over the last few years, the city has come a long way when it comes to tattoos. People are asking for complex designs and are ready to experiment with different designs and price doesn’t matter,” says Learoid Francis of Lloyd’s Tattoo Studio in Secunderabad.

But it’s just not the young who are getting inked. “I tattooed a religious symbol on 50-year-old advocate and I’ve had clients over 35 years of age asking for different kinds of tattoos and the requests are endless. If you can think of it, we can ink it,” says Mr. Francis.


However, tattoo artists in the city say one has to be careful while getting a tattoo. “Fresh gloves and needles used while tattooing are opened in front of the clients. The needles are put into sterilized pens before we start drawing on the skin. It’s mandatory for any tattoo artist to follow these procedures because hygiene is very important to stop diseases and infections from spreading,” points out Varun Mukherjee, a tattoo artist from Hakim Aalim’s Hair ‘n’ Tattoo Lounge.

Also, after getting the tattoo, one shouldn’t take it easy. “Scabs are formed on the skin about four to five days after getting inked. The colours have to settle into the skin and we advise people not to hit the gym or go swimming for at least two weeks. Moreover, one must apply a thin coat of Vaseline to the tattoo till the skin heals,” says Mr. Mukherjee.



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