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Samaikyandhra medical JAC says Home Minister ‘weakening’ State by encouraging bifurcation

TIRUPATI: The ‘Samaikyandhra’ Medical Joint Action Committee (JAC) which came into being on Sunday has accused the Union Home Minister, K. Chidambaram of ‘conspiring’ to weaken Andhra Pradesh by allegedly encouraging bifurcation of the unified State into Telengana and Andhra.

State convener of the Medical JAC, Dr. U. Subramanyam addressing the inaugural press conference at the Press Club here said it was ironical that Mr. Chidambaram, who expressed himself strongly against the bifurcation of Tamil Nadu, as is being demanded by certain parties in the State, should sound ‘encouraging’ when it came to granting separate statehood for Telengana region.

This itself shows his double standards and his ‘conspiracy’ as a Tamil Nadu politician to weaken Andhra Pradesh by breaking the State into two and thereby put deliberate brakes on its fast-track development recorded especially during the last 15 years, said Dr. Subramanyam, a practicing urologist.

Dr. Sridhar, another practicing doctor said that in the event of bifurcation , of the Rs. 1 lakh crore budget of the State, barely Rs.30,000 crore would come to the Seema-Andhra region comprising 15 districts while the Telengana State with a mere 9 districts would walk away with Rs. 70,000 crore, as the cash-rich Hyderabad which accounted for the bulk of the direct and indirect tax revenue would in all probability go with the region.

The JAC comprised doctors practicing allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda and all other forms of medicine.