Film: Bindaas

Cast: M. Manoj, Sheena

Direction: Veeru Potla

When you can’t whip up a gripping plot, your storyline trite and more dangerously predictable, what on earth can you do? Stack it up with comedy? On his debut, director Veeru Potla of Bindaas does precisely that.

Riddled with comic sequences, the film is an entertainerno doubt, but for that you should put your brains in the cup-holder of your seat. The movie is also a ‘paisa vasool’ because of the hero Manchu Manoj. His perfect comic timing has the audience in splits. Bindaas is the story of a nice-at-heart, prank-playing, fun-loving, misunderstood guy, Ajay (Manoj) who belongs to a factionist family in Rayalseema. Political rivals Mahendra Naidu (Ahuti Prasad) and Seshadri Naidu (Jayaprakash Reddy) are bitter foes. The hero is summoned to the village by an alarmed Mahendra Naidu when a relative of Seshadri Naidu is murdered and he seeks revenge.

The hero’s naughty frolics don’t go down well with other family members. But do not escape our heroine, Ajay’s sister-in-law, Girija’s notice. Then on the story is about how the hero brings the feuding families together. It is a Manchu Manoj show all the way.

The script is salvaged by some witty dialogues penned by the director himself. Cinematography could have been better.

Fifteen minutes into the film, you begin to dread if this is another of those gory faction films when it begins to pick pace. Sit through that time and the movie will be ‘Bindaas’ thereafter.