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About 50 dengue cases treated in nearly three years

Timely clinical management required to stop deterioration of condition

Kakinada: The Department of General Medicine (DoGM) of Apollo Hospital has successfully treated various life-threatening diseases like dengue and cerebral malaria with the help of advanced equipment and perfect team work in several cases recently.

The challenge was to manage the severe multi-organ complications patients developed by presenting themselves at late stages when nothing but critical care of a very high standard would save them from certain death.

About 50 dengue cases were treated in nearly three years with a high success rate. Apart from providing quality treatment, the Apollo team laid emphasis on patient education which was essential to prevent diseases.

Addressing media persons on Saturday, Dr. Manohar Prasad and Dr. Phani Ramana, Consultant General Physicians of Apollo Hospital, said a majority of the cases dealt would appear like any other clinical condition but lives could be endangered by the complications resulting from the patients’ ignorance and delay in getting emergency treatments done.

Timely clinical management was required to prevent the condition of patients from deteriorating. About 1,000 cases of diseases with acute complications were treated in the last few years.

Apollo Hospital administrator V. Srinivas, doctors Phani Ramana, H.D. Shenoy, Y.K. Chakravarthy, Sai Krishna and others were present.