HYDERABAD: A group of two women and a man, who allegedly robbed and murdered two persons after luring them to secluded places by offering liquor, were arrested by the L.B. Nagar police of Cyberabad on Tuesday.

L.B. Nagar DCP M. Kantha Rao told reporters that the arrested women, M. Devi, 23, and her sister, M. Suvarna, 24, were deserted by their husbands, suspecting them of their fidelity. Devi allegedly developed intimacy with one Mohd. Raheem though she indulged in prostitution along with her sister to make a living. The trio hatched a plan to rob men after luring them to secluded places. They used to go around toddy compounds and identify lonely men consuming toddy. The two women would befriend their targets and lure them to specific locations offering a party. Last year, they took a stranger to a secluded place in Cosmopolitan Co-operative Society area in Mansoorabad in a similar way.

They killed him by smashing his head with a boulder when he was heavily drunk and torched the body later. The victim’s identity could not be established so far as it got charred beyond recognition. In the first week of January, Devi and Suvarna approached a mason Yadagiri while he was alone in a toddy compound and took him to bushes in local RTC Colony after befriending him.

Later, they smashed his head with a boulder and took away his motorbike, mobile phone and ATM card. While investigating into Yadagiri’s murder, police learnt that he was last seen with two women. They spread out a dragnet for them based on the descriptive particulars given by people frequenting the toddy compound and caught the trio.