HYDERABAD: Congress MP from Rajahmundry V. Arun Kumar has accused the Opposition parties in the State of scuttling the attempts of the Central and State governments to find a solution to the problem faced by the employees and investors of Satyam Computer Services Limited in the wake of fraud by its erstwhile chairman B. Ramalinga Raju.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Mr. Arun Kumar lashed out at the Opposition particularly the TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu for casting aspersions on the State government.

He said when the two governments’ were worried about the fate of the 53,000 IT professionals and lakhs of investors, it was ridiculous on the part of these parties to find fault with the government for inaction.

“Everybody knows who accorded a pride of place to the Satyam chairman during the nine year TDP rule. Now that he has fallen from grace, Mr. Naidu has dropped him like a hot potato,” he contended. Further, he pointed out that during a recent meeting of IT professionals, Mr. Naidu had gone to the extent of exhorting the software engineers to emulate Mr. Raju, who brought new image to Andhra Pradesh.

He said instead of helping the governments in finding some solution, the repeated accusations would scare and make some of the Fortune 500 companies to cancel the workorders given to Satyam Computers.

He said the State government had acted swiftly soon after the scam came to light and challenged the Opposition to come for a debate on the issue.