Staff Reporter

Rajahmundry: Malas from 23 districts are gearing up to attend “Malala Simha Garjana” which is going to be held in Rajahmundry Arts College on Sunday. “We want to show our might and unity to the State and Central governments which have to re-think and stop SC classification immediately,” said G.V. Harsha Kumar, MP, Amalapuram.

He held a press conference in Arts College grounds after overseeing arrangements for the Garjana on Friday along with former Mayor M.S. Chakravarti, Peetala Jayababu, Pilli David Kumar, Betala Venkateswara Rao and others. Speaking to reporters, he said that despite truckers strike, the entire community is going to be present in large numbers for the success of Simha Garjana.

He said that people were going to attend the meeting for only one reason, because they are being discriminated again and again in the name of classification by the State Government.

He quoted recent example of IPS Officer Sundera Das who was not given proper promotion and postings, because be belonged to SC community.

He appealed to all political leaders of Mala community to attend Simha Garjana without any fear and cutting across party affiliations.

He also called upon Karem Shivaji, Jupudi Prabhakar Rao, Pullela Venkataratnam, Addanki Dayakar, and late P.V. Rao’s wife Prameela Devi to attend the meeting and treat this as an invitation through media.

Harsha Kumar said that it would be explained at the meeting as to how the State Government had neglected the community after coming into power.