Special Correspondent

KOCHI: After light emitting diode (LED) bulbs, it is the turn of surface-mount device (SMD) lamps to make a big difference in energy-saving.

The new-generation lighting device, consisting of innovative LEDs in a portable format, is among the latest energy-conserving instruments.

It is available in a long, flexible transparent chord that can be mounted atop a table or any other object.

It can be placed at various angles and there is a variety of colours to choose from.

High cost

Though the cost is slightly high as in the case of LED bulbs, the energy-saving feature, and hence the lower operating costs, makes all the difference.

These devices work out to be economical in the long run, says K. Georgekutty, whose company, Lifeway Solar, is a supplier of the device in Kochi.

Save energy

Mr. Georgekutty is optimistic of the sales picking up in the days ahead as the awareness increases.

A church in Kochi has placed orders for the device, intended to cover the altar, he says.

The State, which faces power shortage, will have to save energy at every step to cut down the extra spending on power received at higher costs from other States and the national pool.

It is imperative to use energy-saving devices in this context.