Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: Secretariat, the seat of government administration, these days, is teeming with people.

Added to the unusual bustle of visitors apparently to expedite promised sanctions, approvals, what strikes one is the large number of vehicles taking up all the available open space for parking.

With the election schedule expected to be announced any time, there is palpable anxiety among the visitors who are armed with permission letters from Ministers and higher officials.

100 GOs

On Tuesday alone, as many as 100 GOs pertaining to various departments were issued.

There are those seeking development works and funds for their villages, mandals and others trying for transfers and postings to their places of choice on various grounds with the ‘good offices’ of their respective elected people’s representatives.

“The MLAs, MPs can no longer put off these requests with elections round the corner and the need to make a positive impression on their constituents,” says an official.

It is the Panchayat Raj, Revenue, Education, Social Welfare departments that have been getting hordes of such requests and visitors with the term of the government drawing to a close, he says.

In contrast to the jostling crowds near canteens, corridors, tree shades, it is a slack phase for officials in many departments as no new policy decisions or project announcements are normally made at the fag end of the government’s term.

Naidu’s charge

Telugu Desam president N. Chandrababu Naidu has made it clear that all the Government Orders hastily released till Tuesday midnight would be reviewed if his party comes to power in the elections.

Participating in a programme on a private TV channel, Mr. Naidu said it was regrettable that at a time when the announcement for elections was expected, the State Cabinet met hurriedly to clear applications for thousands of acres of valuable land to supporters of the Chief Minister and Ministers.

It was followed up with issue of GOs till late in the night in the most unethical and undemocratic manner.

Open letter

Meanwhile, the Telugu Desam Legislature Party has written an open letter and posed 27 questions to the Chief Minister, seeking his response to the charges of corruption and various omissions and commissions.