HYDERABAD: Two years after the municipal corporation found the newly-constructed Muslim Jung Bridge over River Musi not fit to be used; it is now getting ready for re-opening the facility by next month end.

GHMC Enginering-in-Chief P. Panduranga Rao said on Wednesday that repair works on the bridge, that had a basic design fault during the construction stage itself, were at an advanced stage. A sum of Rs. 2 crore is being spent on repairs including strengthening all the nine pillars.

The works taken up ever since cracks were noticed in the cantilever portion of the five newly-built pillars by the second contractors and further investigations by engineers showed up that the entire bridge needed to be overhauled as it was in no position to take any vehicular load at all save for its dead weight.

New design

After spending about Rs. 5 lakh on temporary restoration works, GHMC engaged the services of two private consultancy agencies to suggest fresh designs. Extensive repairs were taken up after the new design was finalised. Once this job was completed, load testing and other examinations along with trial runs would be taken up before vehicles would be allowed to ply. The bridge has been under construction for about a decade with as much as Rs. 7 crore sunk into it as the first contractor, National Building Construction Company (NBCC), abandoned the project midway. Another contractor, P. Narasimha Rao & Company, took up the work but did the mistake of blindly following the earlier design and the resultant cracks surfacing just a few days before it was slated to be opened .