Special Correspondent

Cut on first day lasts two hours, but plans drawn up to extend it to 4 hours

Industries asked to reduce their load during the peak period from 6 to 10 p.m.

Power cut aimed at saving rabi crop and ensuring supply during exam time

HYDERABAD: AP Transco and the four distribution companies began implementing power cut for industries across the State on Monday to ensure proper supply to agriculture and the domestic sectors.

Engineers at the field level were instructed to enforce the cut by Vidyut Soudha, headquarters of power utilities, after a review of the supply position by senior officials. The cut on the first day lasted two hours on an average but plans were drawn up to extend it to four hours.

Warning issued

Industries have been asked to reduce their load during the peak period from 6 to 10 p.m. when power is required by the farm as well as domestic sectors. If they do not comply with this order, the supply would be totally stopped during this period, K. Vijayanand, joint managing director, AP Transco, said later. “If necessary, we may also resort to load-shedding for a small duration for commercial establishments. “Our objective is to save the standing rabi crop to the last acre and ensure lighting for students during the examination period.” The power cut on industries is expected to save at least 15 million units (mu) a day corresponding to an installed capacity of 600 MW.

Meanwhile, the demand for power in the State reached a high of 214 mu on Saturday. Transco was able to meet it by purchasing from external sources.