The size of railway coaches is suitable for providing 72 berths. Earlier, there were 75 berths. But, considering the awkwardness of having to face the toilets, the last three berths were removed. To mobilise revenue at the cost of commuters’ comfort is ridiculous. It’s high time the third side berth was removed. Also, the ‘tat kaal’ scheme is like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Nowhere in the world exists such a grotesque arrangement. I travelled by the Dhanbad-Tata Alleppy Express on January 23 in S4 coach and found berth No. 37 vacant till I detrained at Visakhapatnam. This is loss of revenue to the railways.

T.V.S. Rao


Where are photo ID cards?

The process to issue electoral photo identity cards (EPIC) for voters in Visakhapatnam began a few months ago. Two persons visited my house in Akkayyapalem to take photographs of my family members. But till now the departments involved in the exercise have not announced the schedule for the collection of the EPIC. I request the district Collector and District Electoral Officer to direct the departments concerned to issue EPICs immediately as elections are fast approaching.

Rajaram Palluru


Replace streetlight

The electrical pole in front of my house bearing No. 47/A6/1 in Jodugullapalem on the Beach Road has a tubelight hanging upside down for the past one month. I complained to the GVMC authorities but there is no response. If it falls on anybody, it will be disastrous. I appeal to the authorities concerned to replace the streetlight without delay.

P. Nagaraju


Clear building material on the road

The Town Planning Department in the Kakinada Municipal Corporation has given the go-by to rules by indiscriminately allowing builders to utilise municipal roads as their backyards to dump building material. As a result, the road users and the public are suffering. A recent instance is the permission given by the authorities to undertake construction of a five-storeyed building on Road No. 2 of Ramanayyapeta in Thota Subbarao Nagar, where there is only a 30-ft road. The builder dumped all the material on the road and blocked both the ends of the stretch obstructing vehicular and pedestrian traffic. This is a main roach connecting several colonies, and in the absence of an alternative the public are suffering a lot. The builder’s men are using muscle power and replying rudely if anybody questions them. I request the district Collector to look into the matter and take appropriate action.

S.S.N. Murthy