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Action hero: Jagapati Babu in ‘Siddham’.
Action hero: Jagapati Babu in ‘Siddham’.

Film: Siddham

Cast: Jagapati Babu, Sindhu Menon

Direction: J. D. Chekravarthy

Dayananad (Jagapati Babu) is an encounter specialist and faces the task of rooting out terrorists and underworld mafia in Hyderabad. In the process of eliminating criminals, he develops a relationship with the most wanted don Bilal who operates from Dubai.

There are complications at work too. His colleague cannot digest his growing popularity with the media, and is seen vying for his position and the feud worsens with a new Commissioner in the crime branch favouring Dayanand’s rival.

The focus now moves to Dayanand’s family and with his wife being shot, the story actually begins with Dayanand becoming a fugitive, moving to Dubai to meet Bilal. Does he offer an olive branch to settle scores or does Bilal get killed forms the climax?

Director J.D. Chekravarthy has done a neat job extracting wonderful performances from his cast and has given a tight screenplay but the big minus point of the film is the story. One watches the film with a sense of detached curiosity. Being a Ramgopal Verma disciple, Chekravarthy treats the audience to another routine expose of underworld don, politicians, cops, cash and so on.

Sindhu Menon, who opted for a gregarious and chirpy role in Chandamama, plays a subtle and yielding role here. For Jagapati, this is yet another feather in his cap.

The story completely revolves around him with all characters turning as peripherals supporting him grow. The lengthy dialogues between the villain and the hero take up most of the time and between gulping of bottles of water and brandishing his. Jagapati Babu treads a familiar genre.




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