Film: Chal Chala Chal

Cast: Govinda, Om Puri

Direction: T.K Rajeev Kumar

After ‘Partner’, this is Govinda’s ‘sorry’ comeback. The film that has a nice theme of bus owner/transporters true and dark sides, that even manages to garner peels of laughter with its dialogues combining social comments and energy that we have seen in most Govinda films, yet fails to impress.

Deepak (Govinda), the son of an ideal schoolmaster father Omkarnath (Om Puri) switches jobs frequently because he doesn’t want to succumb to corrupt system and decides to do his own business of transport after getting a bus in lieu of his father’s pension and PF from his school.

He runs the business with all goodness only to be cheated by those he ends up helping and finally decides to take things head on.

With all positive messages, great actors like Vinay Aggarwal, Asrani, Manoj Joshi, Asif Basra and Rajpal Yadav to match the energy, the film lacks punch.

Govinda hasn’t lost any of his charm, as an actor or a dancer and yet this T.K Rajeev Kumar’s directorial effort lacks in binding the film intelligently. It has lose ends and some ridiculous and juvenile acts like Sundar (Deepak’s loyal friend) chasing a rat on the road uprooting his bus’s lever because the rat happened to chew his passport to America, loud and caricaturish sister (Upasana) and so on.

The theme barely explored in any films, could have been a major draw with some intelligent editing and situations.

It drags and yet it makes you laugh as also educates you about the business of transports – its ills and goods.