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Forging such an alliance was politically imperative, says Narayana

Major objective to dislodge Congress at Centre, State for ‘inept governance’

Arogyasri ‘wrecked’ PHCs, district hospitals; barely 25 p.c. houses built under Indiramma

TIRUPATI: Communist Party of India State secretary K. Narayana has on Tuesday claimed that the emergence of the ‘grand alliance’ comprising TDP, CPI(M), CPI and TRS has brought a sea change in the political scenario ahead of the elections.

The major realignment of parties has tremendously boosted the strength and morale of the anti-Congress and anti-BJP forces. He tauntingly said that shivers ran down the spines of Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy and other Congress bigwigs the moment TDP,TRS and the two Left parties had forged the ‘grand alliance’ to take on comprehensively the corrupt Congress and the communal BJP.

Strongly defending the two Left parties joining hands once again with the TDP and TRS, Mr. Narayana explained that it became a political imperative for the parties to put aside their trivial differences and come together as a formidable force for the ‘major task’ of dislodging the Congress both at the Centre and State for its corrupt and inept governance. The Congress rule has become a thorn in the flesh for all because of its pro-rich policies and empty rhetoric with little development on ground.

The CPI leader said, it was true that the Left parties and the Congress had sailed together in the last election to dump the NDA and the TDP (in Andhra Pradesh ) and let UPA pursue in letter and spirit its ‘Common Minimum Programme’ which was not the case.

He said the Left parties which were initially impressed with the YSR government’s Jalayagnam, Indiramma housing and other social security schemes, were later completely disenchanted with the implementation process which was far from benefiting the farmers or marginalised sections, the schemes ended up as perennial sources of income to the Congress big-wigs, their henchmen and the realtors.

Even that was being knocked away by the affluent and influential Congressmen leaving the actual target group, the SC/STs, high and dry. Similarly, Arogyasri health insurance has ‘completely wrecked’ the PHCs and the district hospitals.

Mr. Narayana asserted that once the ‘grand alliance’ came to power, it would return all the fertile lands to farmers and retain exactly the extent of land needed for the SEZs .