R. Avadhani

Residents of Chintamadaka, native village of the TRS chief, rue that there is no development here, but still stand by him

Chintamadaka (Medak Dt.): When one among a group achieves something great, everyone in that group feels proud and wants to consider him as one among them. At the same time, they expect something from that achiever. However, even if they do not get what they want, they still put up with him due to the fact that he is an achiever.

This is what a majority of people in the village of Chintamadaka feel. A small village in Siddipet mandal, 20 km from the mandal headquarters and a part of the constituency being represented by T. Harish Rao in the Assembly, the village assumes importance in the backdrop of elections as TRS president Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao belongs here.

The primary school here has 153 children in a seven-room building, which has been donated by the family of Mr Chandrasekhar Rao to the government. As it was not convenient to run a high school here, a primary school is being run from the building.

“The school building was donated by Mr Chandrasekhar Rao and he is the president of the TRS,” says 10-year-old B. Ramya of Class V. Everyone in the class knows who KCR is and the moment they recall his name, they feel proud.

But ask the neighbours of Mr Chandrasekhar Rao -- Vattipalli Bal Reddy and Tirupathi Reddy – who say: “Nothing additional has come to the village even after Mr Rao became a Minister in the State and Central governments. The road was laid when Madan Mohan represented this constituency,” says Mr Tirupathi Reddy, pointing to the stretch in front of his house.

Poor transport

“Even a bus which used to shuttle from Siddipet was replaced with a bus from Dubbaka which comes in the morning and evening. Most of us are dependent on autos for transport,” says Shashirekha, who is busy rolling beedis.

“Around Rs 50 lakh worth of development works like water tank, CC road, school building were taken up in the past two years. That is due to the initiative of Harish Rao and not Chandrasekhar Rao,” says a TRS leader on condition of anonymity.

“KCR promised to make all the houses pucca. The tiled houses in a dilapidated condition speak for themselves,” say a couple of villagers, seated on the ‘Rachabanda’ (sort of village square), a few yards away from the school, without identifying themselves. They recall that Mr. Rao visited the village after Mr. Harish Rao got elected in 2004 and never after that. Are they opposed to him? “No, at least not for now. For good or bad, KCR is our ‘dora’ (master) and we will never disown him, though nothing was done for the village,” they say.