Special Correspondent

KURNOOL: Local issues are likely to dominate the elections this time rather than the schemes and policies announced by various parties. Also, the usual apathy to the electioneering is missing, as voters are enthusiastic about the elections and the prospects.

A majority of voters have expressed their opinion frankly on elections and their voting pattern at Talamudipi, Kadumur, Peer Saheb Pet and Gargeyapuram of Nandikotkur and Kurnool Assembly segments. Nazeer Ahmed of Talamudi says that the elders are divided between the TDP and the Congress while the youth are showing interest in Praja Rajyam. He says he and his wife might vote for one of the two major parties, but his four sons, who were working outside the village, are in favour of the PR.

He says the villagers are least bothered about the schemes announced by various parties, as the kind of government prevailing at the village matters more. A fair system in the village is a priority for every person. Otherwise, the schemes and programmes of the government are reasonably good, he feels.

Another resident of Midtur, Yesu, who works as a farm servant, knows only about the TDP and the Congress and has little knowledge about the party launched by Chiranjeevi.

It appears that a triangle contest is in the offing in most Assembly segments. The schemes implemented by the State and those promised by parties may not to completely influence the voters and local issues may dominate the scene.