Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Lashing out at the Meridian Schools Parents Association (MSPA) for trying to tarnish the school’s image, the management responded to the parents in a detailed 2-page press note on Friday. They said that the allegations levelled against them were untrue and ‘contrary to the facts’.

The school came out strongly against two members of the MSPA- Vikrant and S.D. Singh and said that they fluctuated their opinions to suit their ‘personal needs and gratification from time to time’. The management also claimed that the Meridian Schools Parents Association (MSPA) is trying to tarnish the school’s image. They further pointed out how the two members had asked for T.Cs for their children but retracted their decision. ‘We hold on record the letters mentioning that they were happy with the academics and were satisfied with the infrastructural developments which were more than what was promised by the management,’ the note said.

They said that the fee hike for the year 2009-10 has been a nominal 15 per cent only and that the transport fee has been marginally increased by 10 per cent. They pointed out that school provided air conditioned buses, door to door pick up and drop ap