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Followers of the MLAs seething with anger

Gollapalli may join TDP or PRP

Kakinada: The Congress party has left behind its main rivals TDP and Praja Rajyam in the race of selecting candidates for Lok Sabha and Assembly constituencies in East Godavari district, but it is now faced with a piquant situation wherein the sitting MLAs, who have been denied the ticket, are preparing to sabotage the victory chances of official nominees.

The followers of disgruntled MLAs Gollapalli Surya Rao (Allavaram – SC), Mutha Gopalakrishna (Kakinada), Pendem Dorababu (Pithapuram), Kudipudi Chittabbai (Amalapuram) and Anisetti Bullabbai Reddy (Sampara) are seething with anger that their leaders have been arbitrarily sidelined on the basis of wrong surveys, contrary to the party’s stand that their prospects of victory are bleak.

While Minister Gollapalli Surya Rao and Mutha Gopalakrishna have already quit the ruling party, the other MLAs are still exploring the possibility of contesting either as rebel or independent candidates or joining other parties which might extend the olive branch to them.

Mr. Surya Rao’s moves are closely watched amidst unconfirmed reports that he may join TDP or PRP.

Hopes shattered

Pendem Dorababu’s plight is the worst considering the fact that his recent migration from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to Congress failed to yield the expected reward and whatever hopes he had are clearly dashed by the entry of Mudragada Padmanabham for whom securing nomination for Pithapuram appeared to be a cakewalk.

Mr. Padmanabham was elected MLA four times from Prathipadu and as Kakinada MP in 1999. Dorababu is now said to be weighing the pros and cons of joining either TDP or PRP and to try his luck for Kakinada Rural or Pithapuram constituencies.

Kudipudi Chittabbai and Bullabbai Reddy are maintaining low profile and keeping their future plans secret. Both of them are likely to contest as independents or rebels with a sizable following of their own.

Mr. Reddy’s constituency Sampara vanished in the process of delimitation.

Mr. Gopalakrishna suspected the hand of Dwarampudi Chandrasekhara Reddy who has been nominated for Kakinada City, behind the rejection of his candidature. Mr. Reddy, who is a PCC member, is accused of encouraging groups to the detriment of Mr. Gopalakrishna, who also believed that the rice lobby spoiled his chances by striking a deal with his party bosses.

Mr. Gopalakrishna, who has resigned from the party, is yet to announce his future course of action.