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The method brings relief to two women

The surgeries performed under Arogya Sri

It requires a high-level skill, says doctor

VISAKHAPATNAM: A big scar on the chest after a cardiac surgery has been avoided and a hole in the heart was closed by making an opening under the armpit, which left only a small scar and thus providing a relief to two young women at a city hospital.

Hole problem

The problem of a hole in between two chambers of heart called ‘atrial septal defect (ASD) has to be treated as early as possible since it would lead to heart failure, risk of pulmonary hypertension and other problems. If the hole is large, a condition more common in girls but no scientific reason is available so far, surgery has to be done. Though it is without any complications, the surgery would leave a big scar on the chest.

In the case of two women -- E. Mahalakshmi (17) of Sarabujjili village in Srikakulam district and J. Satyaveni (23) of Darji Colony near Anakapalle, a surgery called infra-axillary mini-thoracotomy approach had been adopted with the help of the heart-lung machine. A small scar of 5 to 6 cm length was made under the armpit instead of 10 to 12 cm length on the chest.

“This method provides a big psychological boost to the women as the scar is not visible and also the scar being small it heals faster. They can be discharged three or four days after surgery,” chief cardiac surgeon of Indus Hospitals Vijay Agarwal told at a press conference on Wednesday.

The surgeries were performed on Sunday under the Arogya Sri.

Normal life

The surgery requires a high-level skill as it can get difficult due to the small space available and to reach the heart, he said. The two girls could lead normal life and also do not need further medication and treatment, Dr. Agarwal added.

Cardiac anaesthetist K. Kiran Kumar, anaesthetist K. Praveen, cardiologists V. Sujatha and S.C. Sinha were also present.