Special Correspondent


Praja Spandana, a forum for protection and promotion of public interest, appealed to the public to shun candidates who offer inducements like money and liquor and vote for local candidates who could solve their problems.

Speaking to media persons on Friday, the president of Praja Spandana, C.S. Rao, recalled how non-local candidates ignored pressing issues facing the city and left the place as soon as their term came to an end. MP N. Janardana Reddy could not fulfil the assurances he had given, he alleged, citing a specific instance of the old central jail. The city needed lung space. It lacked large grounds to conduct public meetings and exhibitions. The old central jail would be ideal for this. He promised that the Congress would not allow commercialisation of the old jail land during his election campaign but nothing was done, he said, producing paper cuttings of news papers containing the assurances of the MP.

Mr. Rao, a former IES officer, termed the latest inflation figures as misleading and asserted that prices of essential commodities remained the same as they were some six months back when inflation reached an all time high.