Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: Irritated with ‘unbridled criticism’ by other political parties on a daily basis, Pawan Kalyan, president of ‘Yuva Rajyam’ has called for a halt to what he termed, ‘political ragging’ of PRP by opponents.

He was interacting with the media after officially welcoming a stock-broker and Bharatiya Janata Party leader Govind Rathi and his father B.N. Rathi and their supporters from Gosha Mahal here into the PRP on Saturday.

“Judging from the way we have been criticised, one would think there was no space for new political parties. Anyway, the elections are just around the corner and time will prove how much the people trust us”, he said.

Facing a barrage of questions on the party’s stand on Telangana, Mr. Kalyan reiterated,

“The Praja Rajyam president has clearly stated that he was for a separate State. It is a commitment from his heart. What else do you people want?”.

To a question as to the definition of ‘Social Telangana’ (a term coined by the PRP), he quipped,

“It means a Telangana for the backward classes”, before hastening to add that it stood for BC leadership in a separate State.

At a separate press conference later, when T. Devender Goud, who recently merged his Nava Telangana Party with the Praja Rajyam, was asked the same question in reference to the Yuva Rajyam president’s definition, the seasoned leader responded that what Mr. Pawan Kalyan said was one way of putting it.

As for what the term stood for, he said it referred to a separate new State where social justice would be implemented in letter and spirit.