Staff Reporter

They have one or other decorative part missing, breaking symmetry

HYDERABAD: Old habits die hard. The recently-widened stretches of Banjara Hills Road No. 2, 3 and Road No.36 leading to Hi-tech city not only look striking for their recently-acquired width but also the new-look designer streetlights that have been erected on them along the road medians.

But what comes as a disappointment is that quite a few streetlights have one decorative part or the other missing already, breaking the symmetry of the row of streetlights.

The streetlights were erected in a hurry just before the commencement of the NRI meet in the city, Pravas Bharatiya Diwas barely a week ago.

Additional Commissioner K.Dhanunjana Reddy clarified that some of the decorative parts might have gone missing during transportation and in some cases there was shortage. Those fittings would be procured from the supplier and fitted in a couple of days.

While sponsors had come forward to beautify the medians and erect streetlights under the `Fund Your City' programme on Banjara Hills Rd.No.2 and 3, the MCH was providing them on Rd.No.36 at a cost of Rs.32 lakhs procured from the Bajaj company.