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Former Minister alleges officials' negligence

HYDERABAD: Tragedy clouded the run-up to Sankranti festival in a family when a seven-year-old boy suffered 40 per cent burns while removing a kite from high-tension wires in Gandhinagar on Thursday.

Rushikesh Yadav was flying a kite atop his house in Krishnanagar Colony of Bholakpur around 3.30 p.m. when it got stuck in 33 kv electric lines. The boy tried to remove the kite with a stick first.

Later, he used a plastic mop stick to remove the kite, but the unsuccessful attempt only saw him suffer burns.

"Apparently, the plastic pipe completely got burnt when two of the electric wires came in contact, resulting in the boy suffering serious burns," a neighbour Venkatesh said.

Alerted by the boy's cries, his family members and locals rushed up to see the boy lying on the floor writhing in pain. He was shifted to Gandhi Hospital. Yadav is a second standard student of St. Patrick School.

Locals' charge

Former Minister T. Srinivas Yadav, after calling on the boy's parents at the hospital, alleged that negligence of electricity officials was throwing lives of people into danger.

Locals charged that seven persons suffered burns while accidentally coming in contact with high tension wires in and around Gandhinagar in the past two months. A few weeks ago, three labourers got electrocuted when a pole of a tripod they were lifting touched high-tension wires in Kavadiguda.

Yadav's family members and neighbours told reporters that their pleas for the past few years to lay underground electric cables fell on deaf ears of the officials.